SYSTRA Engineering Consultants

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SYSTRA is a world leader in public transport infrastructure engineering. SYSTRA has a unique wealth of experience in international mass transit and rail projects. Its areas of expertise are applied to different fields of mass mobility: high-speed rail, conventional rail, metro, light rail transit...

SYSTRA provides a whole range of services for its clients which support and consolidate the delivery of the projects from A to Z. SYSTRA helps people to develop and create the confidence that moves the world.

Key figures: 

  • €612M sales turnover in 2016
  • 6,100 employees worldwide
  • 60% of sales turnover is achieved internationally 
  • More than 11,000km of railway lines built or modernised in 60 years, including 4,300km of new lines
  • 60% of all automated metro lines in development worldwide involve SYSTRA
  • 500km: world record for new LRT lines ; 55 light rail network projects managed worldwide by SYSTRA
  • 440km of U-shaped viaducts designed and built since 1992
  • 574.8km/h, world record for the fastest rail speed, achieved on a high speed line designed by SYSTRA
  • 50 million passengers per day travel thanks to SYSTRA engineering
  • Project references in 150 countries and 350 cities and towns.


Company size: 5,001-10,000 employees

Specialties: Consulting, Project management, Design, Sustainable and environmental studies, Construction supervision, Testing Commissioning, Operation Maintenance, Transport planning & Preliminary studies, Infrastructure, Systems engineering, and Operation & Maintenance engineering