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Keep on top of your vehicle over the Summer heat

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It is important to keep your car properly maintained to ensure it does not fail you during the Summer heat. 

Here is the Summer Checklist.

1.      Constant coolant checks

Engines require cooling all the time. The way this works is special cooling water flows through the radiator and is cooled by fans and air coming in through the vents. This in turn cools the engine bay to ensure the engine does not over-expand with extreme heat. The best way to keep the engine cooled is to keep the coolant levels topped up and ensure that none of the cooling fans are jammed.

2.      Good tires

Hot tarmac takes a toll on your tires as their temperature will rise significantly. Avoid tire failure by making sure you have enough tire thread and the overall condition of the tire is significant. Because a tire blowout or a flat tire can be very dangerous especially in the hot weather. Also, as always, ensure your tires are inflated to the right pressure.  Ensure you only purchase tires specifically designed for Middle Eastern road conditions, and avoid the imported European tires.

3.      Working AC

Just like engines need cooling, so does the driver. Have a professional garage clean out the pipes system in your car’s AC to ensure no blockage and make sure AC filters are switched out. Be sure your car’s refrigerant is topped up, as this is the liquid that cools down and dehumidifies air coming through the AC System.

4.      Always check your hoses and belts

Belts and hoses could be considered the life line of your car’s engine. If a cooling hose bursts, there will be no coolant flowing to the radiator and therefore the engine will heat up. Also, if a belt fails, then not only will there be a stationary pulley, but the broken belt could get caught in the engine and cause a major engine failure. Have a mechanic check belts and pipes in your car to make sure none of them are on the brink of failing.

Posted by Maye Rosales on 15th May 2017