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Top Gear is already on screens in the UK and is expected to air soon in the Middle East.

Recently, hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harrison and Rory Reid were in Dubai filming the upcoming episodes. 

The hosts expressed their excitement about filming in Dubai. “It is hyper-car central, isn’t it?” Harrison told the National in an interview. “It is the epicenter of people buying incredible cars. If you reverse-engineer it, the reason why those cars exist is the Middle East," he says.

While the shoot was off limits to the public, eyewitness reports suggest a yacht versus car race takes place through Dubai Marina. 

(Source: The National) 
Although the current cast is very much enjoying their new job, they have faced a tough challenge since replacing the much admired former hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, who also shot an episode of their own follow-up show The Grand Tour in Dubai for added local competition.
LeBlanc, Harrison and Reid have garnered mixed reviews and unsatisfactory viewing figures leading to the parting of co-host Chris Evans. Nonetheless, reviews of the new episodes have been good so far, with episode 3 widely publicized as the best post-Clarkson show so far. 
Keep your ears and eyes open Petrolheads… Top Gear is coming very very soon!
Source: Petrolhead Arabia 

Posted by Maye Rosales on 16th April 2017