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You may be familiar with the top-selling car brands in the world, but have you ever wondered which car brands are the most Googled in the various countries worldwide? UK car parts retailer Quickco has just answered your question.

Check out the map and our detailed investigation of the Middle East!

(Picture Source: Quickco)

Despite recently losing its title of the world's top-selling car brand to Volkswagen, Toyota is the most Googled car brand globally.

Quickco sourced data from 193 countries worldwide. Toyota topped the charts being the most searched brand in 74 countries. BMW got the second place with 51 countries, while Hyundai was in third place being the most searched brand in 17 countries.

As seen on the map, Toyota is most popular in Google searches in America, China, Australia and large parts of Africa. It was also the most popular search in the Arabian Gulf. As expected, Asia is mostly searching for Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai with the latter dominating the search engines of Russia.

Let's take a closer look at our region, the Middle East:

  • UAE: Toyota

  • Jordan : BMW

  • Kuweit: Toyota

  • Lebanon: BMW

  • Oman: Toyota

  • Saudi Arabia: Toyota

  • Qatar: Toyota

  • Syria: BMW

  • Yemen: Mini

This study showed that the popularity of brand searches doesn't always correlate to the home country of the brand. However, some countries had a homegrown brand at the top of their Google search tables, such as Germany (BMW), France (Renault), Sweden (Volvo) and Italy (Fiat).

Interesting is also the result in Africa. While most of Africa searched for Toyotas more than any other brand for example, South Africans searched the most for Mercedes-Benz. Speaking of Africa, Niger stood out from the rest because people there searched for Bugatti the most.


Source: Petrolhead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 9th April 2017