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Almost all of us had a favorite superhero when growing up. For me it was Spiderman, because with his spider senses alerting him to danger and his web, slinging him across New York city at about 40 mph, he was never too late to save the day.

Even though quite a few superheroes have the power to fly (Superman), or get to fly around in cool invisible jets (Wonder Woman), some only have their trusted car to get to the scene of danger in time. However, those cars can be said to be special on their own.

This is our salute to the few superheroes in the movie and comic book universe who still rely on solid motor power to save the day, because they are our kind of superhero:


Superhero: Red Mist

Movie: Kick Ass

Car: The Mist Mobile

(Picture Source: iMDB)

From the graphic novel and new movie series Kick-Ass, the Mist Mobile belongs to the Red Mist—a rich kid superhero wannabe played spectacularly in the film adaptation by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. This mean machine does just what the movie title suggests.

The 'Red Mist' is a modded-up 2008 Mustang GT which features a host of custom upgrades including a one-off body kit developed by Rich Evans Design, a 550-horsepower 4.6-liter V-8 engine, custom made 20-inch wheels, Lambo-style scissor doors, two-tone leather seats, red LED interior mood lighting, front and rear cameras and a Navigation system.  As an added touch GAS included two nitrous oxide tanks with purge capabilities to provide the smoke-filled Red Mist for the movie.


Superhero: The Green Hornet

Movie: The Green Hornet

Car: Black Beauty

(Picture Source: Forbes)

Although the movie itself didn't exactly stay long in the memory, The Green Hornet's car certainly did. Black Beauty is a fully combat modified 1965 Chrysler Imperial, fitted with a couple .30-caliber machine guns, a flame thrower, and an impressive, intimidating look to match. 

The customized Chrysler features its original 413 engine which reaches a top speed of 120 mph and 0-60 in just under 10 seconds.  Although Black Beauty still features the Chrysler's original black leather seats, this superhero car is also bristling with weaponry, including 12 Stinger missiles on the front and rear bumpers, a flame-thrower mounted on the front grill, beanbag launchers and shotgun barrels.


Superhero: James Bond

Movie: Casino Royale

Car: Aston Martin DBS V-12

(Picture Source: Pinterest)

Whether or not James Bond is considered a superhero might be up for debate, at least in the traditional sense. But the fact that the Aston Martin DBS-V12 is a car fit for a superhero is something we can all agree on.

Special features of the car include a secret compartment which contains Bond's Walther P99 gun, and an emergency medical kit with components of an emergency medical link to MI6, and a small defibrillator.


Superhero: Batman

Movie: Batman Returns

Car: Batmobile

(Picture Source: CinemaBlend)

The Batmobile is such an iconic superhero car that it makes our top 5 list twice, with two completely different versions of course. The Burton-era of Batman films offered the world one of the most uniquely designed and notable superhero vehicles of all time.

It was long (nearly 22 foot), low and sleek, and was built on a Chevrolet Impala chassis. In the movie Batman Returns, the Batmobile could supposedly reach a maximum speed  of 230 mph on open road and 350 mph with afterburner thrust!


Superhero: Batman

Movie: The Dark Knight

Car: The Tumbler

(Picture Source: Pinterest)

The Batmobile has gone through many updates and changes over the years, from Adam West’s early sleek version through to the big wheeled beast that Christian Bale has spent recent years driving. The Batman Tumbler featured in the most recent Batman movies is by far the most advanced in terms of spec. The car is part Lamborghini, part tank, and is dubbed the Tumbler - and it's our No 1 superhero car.

Powered by a jet engine, this beast of a machine can launch itself six feet vertically in to the air and 40 feet forward with its “superswamper” wheels. The engine and added nitro boost torque give the car a speed of 220 mph (not as fast as the previous Batmobile but to be fair, it's a lot heavier).

On top of the speed and strength of the vehicle, there are lots of top gadgets at batman’s disposal including radar-evading controls, front firing machine guns, armor plating, and a landing hook.


Source: PetrolHead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 10th April 2017