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Let’s not kid ourselves any longer folks, the UAE can be a nightmare of a place for drivers. Unfortunately, the region has one of the highest rates of road fatalities in the Middle East and one of the highest in the entire world, with road mortalities being a leading cause of death.

If you have ever driven around in the UAE, you may have noticed some of the less-considerate drivers engaging in general methods of bad driving such as cutting in front of moving cars, changing lanes without indicating, speeding onto roundabouts at ludicrous speeds and then for extra fun, trying to exit from the inside lane.


(Picture Source: The National)

But how can you stay safe and responsible when driving despite the sometimes-chaotic environment around you?

Here are our top tips for driving responsibly in the UAE:

1. Distance

Make sure you keep a safe distance behind the car ahead of you, this will give you more time to react should you need to perform an emergency stop. The 3 second rule is generally the best rule to follow here. Keep the distance between your car and the one ahead just short enough to stop other cars from taking up that space.

2. Speeding

I know this seems a little obvious when talking about responsible driving, but speed takes on a whole new form with the type of super cars you find here in the UAE. It goes without saying that a responsible driver will follow the speed limit, but if other cars want to drive faster then give them space to overtake you so you don’t get caught up in any potential issues.

3. Visibility

Any careful driver knows that using your headlights at night time is essential to responsible driving, but not all drivers are careful. As well as making sure your own headlights are turned on at night, be aware of other cars who might not follow the rules. Make sure the road ahead of you is clear before speeding up at night and constantly look all around your vehicle when switching lanes or taking turns.

4. Overtaking

It is actually against the law to overtake another vehicle on a single-lane road in the UAE so make sure you follow traffic and stay in your own lane without causing any unnecessary violations. That being said, it is clearly not a law followed by everyone on the road. Make sure you always check your blind spots and side mirrors when switching lanes or pulling into an exit as there might be someone speeding up past you on the hard shoulder.

5. Managing The Lanes on the Highway

This is an especially tricky part of driving here in the UAE as most accidents occur on main highways such as Sheikh Zayed road where drivers whizz in and out of lanes causing confusion to the other drivers. Try to stay on the right lane of the highway and avoid switching lanes unnecessarily unless you have to move overtake or move towards an exit road. Also, always be wary of other drivers who are switching lanes as they are known to do this abruptly. 


Source: Petrolhead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 10th April 2017