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Ferrari is synonymous with speed, and it does not come as a surprise that the Italian carmaker's latest production is given the name 812 Superfast.

This masterpiece can clock the 100kmh in 2.9 seconds with a maximum speed of 340kmh. It produces 789 horsepower making it the most powerful non-hybrid model ever made by Ferrari. The Superfast is the first Ferrari to use electric-assisted power steering instead of hydraulics.It benefits from the Italian automaker’s Slide Slip Control (drift mode). It has new dashboard and new steering wheel. The seats have also been redesigned. The 812 Superfast is expected to be Ferrari’s final model with a pure V12 engine.

Obviously power like this comes with a hefty price tag of DH1.26million pre-customization.  


Dubai has been the first city to host the 812 after the Geneva Motor Show, and the UAE showrooms will be the first to receive shipments this September. 

“Dubai is the first market that we have presented the 812 live. The Gulf is a priority because of the heritage for the 12-cylinder. The momentum will be there for a long time,” said Dieter Knechtel, CEO for the Far East and Middle East operations. 

Interest in Ferrari is constant, case in point, when the entire market fell 30 percent last year, the Italian carmaker witness a 1percent growth. Furthermore, the supercar category got hit with a 41 percent decline. 

“The market had dropped off a lot ... but we had the strong offers and the cars,” said Knechtel. “And that means growth in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well. We have a (business) model that is proving successful even in difficult times, and we have a lot more stability than what others are facing.”

Al Tayer Motors and Premier represent Ferrari in the UAE.


Source: Petrolhead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 13th April 2017