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Can anyone think of a reason why Trumpchi would want to change its name before selling cars in America?

You guessed right!  The Chinese automaker is getting a lot of ridicule over its flagship brand.

The name was meant to sound like its Chinese name, Chuanqi – which is a play on the word "legendary" and means passing good fortune, according to Reuters.

"We saw people were laughing at this and took pictures looking only at this detail, and also put on Facebook or other websites," GAC Motor Design Director Zhang Fan told Reuters. "When we read all that feedback, we realized it might not be very positive promotion for the brand."

Guangzhou Automobile Group's Trumpchi GS4

The company says any resemblance between the brand name and that of the U.S. president was accidental. Working from similar sounds to the Chinese name, GAC came up with "trump" for being the best and "chi" for China, Zhang said.

Trumpchi vehicles are mostly priced below foreign brands, but the brand created around a decade ago has lately seen an increase in sales due to a quick improvement in quality. Parent GAC Group is China's sixth-largest automaker by sales.

The name may not be the only problem, the Trump administration is demanding that cars being sold to Americans be manufactured in the United States.


Source: Petrolhead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 25th April 2017