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A DONKEY OR A ZEBRA - Making the right change!


Career moves are a wonderful thing and the opportunity to start something new, earn more money or advance in your chosen career path are all valid reasons for considering a change.  Change is good, as long as you are making the right change.

There's a saying; "You can't paint a donkey with stripes and make it a Zebra"... and the same goes for your career. 

Sometimes your job search can feel like a numbers game – the more applications you send in, the better the odds that you’ll land that dream position, right? 

Well, what may have worked way back looking for a summer job, but is not necessarily the best strategy for advancing your professional career. If you are what I call a Serial Applicant, you may actually be working against yourself and potentially sabotaging your end game in the process. I'm yet to find that one person who works in an industry who is a master at all roles - though every week I see many applying as such. 

Rather than being a Serial Applicant;

  • focus your search energy on those positions for which you are best qualified
  • the the organizations in which you’d love to work
  • and the right (believable) next career step

This more strategic approach will yield better results in the end.


Jonathon Burgess is a co-founder and Managing Director of with over 20 years Recruitment Management experience.



Posted by Jonathon Burgess on 15th April 2017