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The Germans have built some fine machines over the years. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi are all on the tongues of both enthusiasts and casual owners. But there is a dark side that people are not fully aware when it comes to these awesome powerhouses. So before going out and splashing cash on a used German car, here is a list of things that you should know. 

Image Courtesy of BMW

  1. Think twice about buying a German car older than 5 years old.

    These cars are always packed with amazing technology, this means that there are more things that could go wrong with them. Signs of age usually start to show around the 5 year mark due to negligence, and it would take a lot of patience (and money) to keep the car running smoothly.

  2. Scrutinise every part of its service history.

    German engines are very sensitive due to their complexity. So you will need to take a magnifying glass to the service history and make sure it all adds up on the car’s timeline. 

  3. Avoid German cars (especially BMWs) driven by males aged 18-28

    In the world of boy racers and youngsters, having a German whip makes you the man in the streets. So rest assured that the manual 5 series that is owned by the college student down the road has probably taken every curve in the city sideways. Yes, that is why you always smell burning rubber.

  4. If you have resale value high on your list of requirements, forget about it.

    The moment a German car rolls off the showroom floor, it loses around 20-30% of its value, and it is just downhill from there. German cars do not hold their value to well because of their infamous reliability reputation. If you want a car to sell without losing much down the line, avoid the Germans and go visit the Japanese.

  5. Make sure it is the car that you always wanted.

    If this is your first time buying a used German car, then chances are you always dreamt about owning one. The BMW 1M and the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR are on the walls of most children’s bedroom walls. So treat yourself, and get that car that you always wanted.

Source: Petrolhead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 12th April 2017