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Hello readers, welcome to another edition of our UAE Road Trip Guide to keep you informed of the beautiful and accessible wonders of the UAE. This week we explore the most amazing secret beaches in the UAE for all of our water loving petrol head adventurers.

We're already in the middle of March, for most countries around the world this is the time of year where spring breaks and the clouds start clearing from the sky. In the UAE however, this time of year marks the start of our long 7 months summers, and what better what to let the sunshine in then taking a long and fun road trip to some of the best beaches in the region.

Here is a list of our top 3 favorite beach road trips and islands for you and your friends to explore:


1. The Blue Beaches of Ajman

 (Picture Source: Flickr)

If you’re seeking a wildly desolate, windswept beach to enjoy with your friends then the first stop on your road trip should be the long public beaches of Ajman. The water is vividly blue, it’s possible to swim (though you do so at your own risk as there are no lifeguards) and, aside from the odd picnicking family, the place is deserted.

Think unobstructed sea views (no nasty ports or tanker ships spoiling the horizon), palm trees, clean water and even watersports such as Jet Skiing, which is banned in Dubai. All the components you need for a perfect beach road trip.

How to Get There

Take Emirates Road and follow the signs to Sharjah. Keep right and follow the signs to Ajman. Take the first Ajman exit, turn left under the bridge and follow the signs to the corniche.


2. The Secret Beaches of Dibba

 (Picture Source: Tribe Life)

Dibba may be one of the UAE's best kept secrets, and there is a reason why the few people who do know about this amazing road trip destination can't stop talking about why its their new favorite destination. In a word it’s stunning, with a handful of unspoiled, hidden beaches so remote they’re only accessible by hiring a fishing boat or by embarking on a six-hour hike. So it's up to you and your squad to decide whether you want to just hit the beaches reachable by your car or you want to park up and explore the area by foot or by boat.

For excellent snorkeling and aquatic life, you might want to seek out two of the most isolated beaches found anywhere in the country: Al Myam and Haffa, which cut into the coastline around Zighy Bay. Dibba's public beach is also a highly popular destination for campers so its ideal if you are planning an overnight road trip.

How to Get There

Drive to the coast in Dibba and then bear left through the Omani checkpoint. The harbour will be on your right. 


3. The Luxury Beach of Jebel Ali

 (Picture Source: Asia Travel)

We fully appreciate that not all of our readers are big fans of going to empty, private beaches off the beaten track. So for those looking for a shorter road trip to a more luxurious destination, look no further then the luxury beaches of the jebel Ali Golf & Spa resort.

The beach, which is right by the beautiful amenities of the local hotel, is the very picture of calm, surrounded by sunbathers of all ages, shapes and sizes, each content to soak up the sun and the quiet atmosphere.

How to Get There

Approach Jebel Ali and follow the signs for Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa. The rate for outside guests is Dhs300 per person including lunch.


Source: Petrolhead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 30th March 2017