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It was the world’s greatest TV show for car loving fans, and featured one of TV’s most famous petrol heads, Jeremy Clarkson. A match made in heaven for any car enthusiast. But after endless controversy (and a producer getting punched in the face by Clarkson), the BBC parted ways with their top presenters.

The trio have since reunited for the new TV show, The Grand Tour, which is being produced by the new online service, Amazon Prime.

But which one do you prefer? We take a look at what both shows have to offer for UAE residents with a love for cars and high speed.

 (Picture Source: The Telegraph)

For years, Top Gear has been the most popular TV show for car enthusiasts and petrol heads across the world. Despite being produced and aired in the United Kingdom by the BBC, the car-crazy trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May become famous worldwide after Top Gear was eventually on TV in over 120 countries.

Even if a little late, residents of the UAE have become fixated with the show, especially since Netflix was launched and featured over 10 series of the program for people to watch online.

The show features every type of stunt that would appeal to car loving fans. Exhibitions of brand new concept cars and a leader board for the fastest cars on the planet as they compete with each other around the Top Gear track for the coveted prize of the world’s fastest super car. And then of course there are the crazy car stunts and car challenges that really sell the show.

The crazy car challenge antics have ranged from racing a Bugatti Veyron with a jet fighter plane and the hilarious challenge of each presenter finding a used Porsche for under 6,000 AED and racing across India in their damaged and barely road safe classic cars.


 (Picture Source: The Mirror)

Since the classic trio of Hammond, Clarkson and May left Top Gear to present The Grand Tour, Top Gear’s new presenting team of Chris Evans and Joey Tribbiani (sorry, I mean Matt Le Blanc) have since replaced them and tried to change and refresh the feel of the show.

But are the two shows pretty much the same setup? Let’s take a look at the top 3 difference between Top Gear and The Grand Tour:


1. The Location

The location of each show was one of the main things that The Grand Tour tried to change from its Top Gear past. Each show of Top Gear was and still is filmed at the Top Gear studio in the United Kingdom. Dunsfold Aerodrome to be exact. The studio has become familiar with the audience over the years, with its scaffolding and checker board walls showing a simplistic setting for the car events.

The Grand Tour on the other hand is set to be filmed at a different location around the world every week. Filmed in a giant tent, the first episode started in California and is set to be filmed in major cities around the world including our very own home, Dubai.


2. Regular Features

For this part of the show, it’s up to you to decide just how similar the two car shows are. Top Gear bring in a celebrity each week for a feature called “Star In a Rally Cross Car” , The Grand Tour also bring in a celebrity each week for a feature called “Celebrity Brain Crash”.


Top Gear have a weekly news feature called “The News”, and The Grand Tour have a weekly news feature called “Conversation Street”. Apart from the names, everything else feels a little bit familiar.


3. Guest Stars

As a show based in the UK, Top Gear features a lot of local celebrities and TV faces from UK television as well as the odd worldwide movie star, usually when they have a move to promote in the country.

The Grand Tour on the other hand, armed with Amazon Prime’s reported $200,000,000 budget for the show, regularly feature box office movie stars such as Charlize Theron & Matt Damon. Very Hollywood!



Whether you’re a fan of the traditional and familiar Top Gear brand of entertainment, or you love the new big budget action that The Grand Tour offers, you are sure to be more than happy with both shows if you are a lover of fast cars like we are. The choice is down to one thing, get a Netflix or Amazon Prime account?


Source: Petrolhead Arabia

Posted by Maye Rosales on 30th March 2017